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Document Office Organizers

Document Office Organizers
Keep your documents right where you need them in our Desktop Organizers!

Our Desktop Organizer System lets you flip through a mountain of information as easily as turning the pages of a book.
Best of all, you can keep your Desktop Organizer right where you need it, whether it’s on your desk or in your showroom. The easy-loading Desktop Organizer panels hold standard 8.5” x 11” sized material. Each panel comes with a handy ID tab for fast identification. The panels are completely clear, so you can view both sides of the page.

Choose from a wide range of Desktop Organizers and Display Stand Organizers:

  • A Dual-use Desktop Organizer that attaches to the wall or sits the counter.
  • Clamp-on Desktop Organizers that don’t waste precious desk space.
  • Display Stand Organizers - prefect for showrooms and sales floors.

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    10 Panel Add-On Set for Desk Organizer

    Item Number: D5698

    10 Panel extension set for our 10 Panel Desk System (D5542).

    Your Price: $80.95
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    10 Panel Desk Organizer

    Item Number: D5542

    A document organizer with 10 panels ideal for individual work areas or displaying information to the public.

    Your Price: $116.95
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    10 Panel Desktop Document Holder

    Item Number: D5544

    Desktop metal panel holder with ten pre-tabbed panels to store frequently referenced materials.

    Your Price: $86.95
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    10 Panel Pro Document Holder

    Item Number: D5515

    Document organizer allows you to mix portrait and landscape sheets in one system.

    Your Price: $135.95
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    10 Panel Rotating Document Holder

    Item Number: D5539

    Document organizer fluidly adjusts to the optimum viewing angle and rotates 360 degrees.

    Your Price: $148.95
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    40 Panel Revolving Document Holder

    Item Number: D5557

    Document Holder can be easily moved from place to place.

    Your Price: $269.00
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    Antimicrobial Desktop Organizer

    Item Number: D5944

    All components of this 10 panel Desktop Organizer are antimicrobial for maximum hygiene.

    Your Price: $105.00
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    Articulate Arm Desktop Organizer

    Item Number: D5569

    10 panel articulate arm document organizer puts reference information at eye level.

    Your Price: $141.95
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