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Metal Sign Holders

Metal Sign Holders
Metal Sign Holders give your messages and signs a durable showcase.

Rugged Metal Sign Holders and Poster Frames come in a range of styles and sizes to suit any sign or poster.
When you want sign holders that are as dependable as they are beautiful, check out our complete selection of Sign Holders made from gleaming steel or aluminum. You’ll find metal picture frames to fit any size. You’ll also find a wonderful range of wall picture frames styles, from simple Metal Picture Frames that snap shut to grip your picture securely, to fully enclosed Sign Holders and Picture Frames that lock securely.

Metal Sign Holders stand up to traffic in any setting.

You’re careful about how your company or organization is perceived and you spend a lot of time and thought designing your posters and signs. That’s why we designed these Metal Sign Holders to keep them safe and visible in any environment. Signs and posters slide easily into the sturdy frames and stay securely in place for easy viewing, even in a crowd.

Make Siegel your source for long-lasting Metal Picture Frames and Sign Holders.

Metal Flexible Arm Sign Holders

Flexible Arm Sign Holders are available with three base choices all with a metal frame.

Metal Freestanding Sign Holders

Freestanding Sign Holders keep your message upright and visible.

Metal Wall Mount Sign Holders

Wall Mounted Metal Picture Frames, Sign Holders and Poster Frames in a range of styles and sizes.

Metal Hanging Sign Holders

Metal Hanging Sign Holders are made of tough alloy alluminum with two color choices in either horizontal or vertical orientations.