5 Quick Signage Solutions for Busy Exhibitors

If you’re a very small business, making multiple speaking engagements, or don’t have much lead time before a trade show or PR event, you can still pull together affordable, effective signage that’s ultra-easy to set up, take down, and change at will. Siegel’s range of portable sign holders offers busy exhibitors complete flexibility and ease of use, allowing you to advertise your business, display products and services, and communicate important details on the fly. Several different styles provide great placement opportunities at various touch points throughout your event: 

1. Freestanding: Weighted at the bottom for stability and designed to display smaller signs such as those for wayfinding or advertising specials, freestanding sign holders let you set up shop just about anywhere. Just slide your graphics in—you can even print your own if you’re on a tight budget—and you’re ready to go. Larger models with open bases offer a more weighty presence and greater surface area for professionally printed graphics announcing your brand.

2. Tabletop: Angled acrylic frames are a simple and affordable messaging solution that invite the viewer to come closer and interact. Double-sided and even six-sided styles let you communicate a variety of offerings to your target audience. And for an instant setup that can be seen from any direction, try our flexible-arm sign holder, featuring a magnetic base that attaches firmly to any metal surface.

3. Wall Mount: This clear window frame mounts to any smooth surface using four powerful suction cups. Perfect for use on windows in retail or business environments, where its double-sided design lets you display dual messages, it can also be attached to walls at impromptu venues. Printed graphics can be updated with ease by simply sliding them out the sides or top, even while the frame is still mounted.\

4. “Board Room”: If you’re blessed with artistic flair, dry erase boards let you get as colorful and creative as you please. Go mobile with freestanding and wheeled models, and display other media with our magnetic version. If you’re not handy with a marker, never fear: freestanding letter boards offer functionality with a traditional bulletin board look. Catch attendees’ eyes as they’re coming and going with our double-sided model.

5. Add-ons: Literature holders that attach to your signs let interested attendees take your message home with them. Save yourself the manpower of handing out flyers and the waste of indiscriminately-given-then-discarded materials. Provide information, offer promotions, and stay top of mind with your audience by outfitting your signage with an acrylic brochure holder or a wire basket for flyers.

With Siegel Display’s versatile and cost-effective solutions for on-the-go signage and literature displays, you can reach your target audience and reinforce your brand in a variety of formats, in multiple locations, with minimal fuss and expense. To start exploring the possibilities for your upcoming event, contact us or shop now.