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  • Make Your Event a Winner with the Right Signage

    When you’re planning a company outing, a fundraiser for your favorite charity, a community celebration, or a school festival, getting the word out about your special event is key to its success. Read More
  • 4 Tips for More Effective Sales Literature

    Your customers must have accurate and easy-to-access product information  Read More
  • Returning to Our Roots – Siegel Display’s New Catalog

    You asked and we listened! The Siegel catalog is back in a new digital format for quick and easy reference. Read More
  • 5 Ways to Use Social Media to Attract Traffic to Your Tradeshow Booth

    The way people find and digest information has changed dramatically in recent decades. Once print news, television, and word of mouth were the dominating advertising channels; today customers rely on digital technologies to stay informed. Read More
  • The Art of Designing Your Brand

    When it comes to successful branding, consistency is key. Your goal should always be to build a cohesive brand identity that customers can recognize, remember, and relate to, and, ultimately, recommend. Whether you’re creating artwork for an outdoor banner, window poster, trade show display, or all of the above, every touch point you have with your customer should reinforce your brand with a consistent look and feel, from your doorstep to your counter, as well as your website. Look beyond your logo and see how you can unify your visual branding to inspire confidence and clearly define what you do for your target audience.  Read More
  • 6 Trade Show Products You’re Better Off Buying Than Renting

    If you’re a regular trade show exhibitor, buying the basic materials you’ll need time and time again instead of renting them just makes sense. Having staple items on hand and ready to roll at a moment’s notice will save you time, money—and stress. Read More
  • 5 Quick Signage Solutions for Busy Exhibitors

    If you’re a very small business, making multiple speaking engagements, or don’t have much lead time before a trade show or PR event, you can still pull together affordable, effective signage that’s ultra-easy to set up, take down, and change at will. Siegel’s range of portable sign holders offers busy exhibitors complete flexibility and ease of use, allowing you to advertise your business, display products and services, and communicate important details on the fly. Several different styles provide great placement opportunities at various touch points throughout your event:  Read More
  • 5 Space-Saving Solutions for Office Organization

    Though Albert Einstein once suggested that a messy desk is the sign of a productive mind, it doesn’t take a genius to see that a messy, disorganized office is off-putting to everyone else who enters it. While the idea of a frenzied and chaotic creative environment may sound romantic, the reality is that it makes things hard to find. Save yourself time and frustration with compact storage solutions that maximize functionality while minimizing clutter. Read More
  • Drive the Right Attendees to Your Trade Show Booth

    Attracting tons of traffic to your trade show booth is all well and good, but are the people stopping by actual prospects or simply weary floor walkers looking for a place to sit, a snack, or a freebie? Trade shows are a big investment for any company, so in order to maximize their effectiveness for your brand and your bottom line, here are 4 important things you should be doing, if you’re not already. Read More
  • Safely Transporting Your Trade Show Displays

    5 Tips for the Safe and Efficient Transport of Your Trade Show Displays Trade shows give companies of any size the opportunity to increase brand awareness, get their product in front of their target audience, and generate leads. While a splashy setup and interactive displays may draw foot traffic, they aren’t guaranteed to convert prospects into actual customers. By making meaningful connections and following up with leads after the show, even a small business can make a significant impact with just a simple booth and basic presentation materials. But whichever route you choose, ensuring that your gear arrives intact and on time is essential. Here are 5 things you can do to minimize the potential for disaster and maximize your chances of success. Read More

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