4 tips for using brochures effectively at visitors’ centers and tourist attractions

Vacation season is in full swing and travelers are descending on welcome centers, tourist attractions and travel information offices.  While many people rely on online resources to plan their trips, printed materials are invaluable for getting the word out on local attractions and events.  In fact, a 2016 study conducted by Bentley University’s Center for Marketing Technology indicates that 7 out of 10 tourists pick up brochures while traveling.

This month, we’ll focus on effectively using literature displays and signage at visitors’ centers and travel venues to make it easier to put information in the hands of tourists:

1. Location, location, location. Often, picking up a brochure is done on impulse.  Watch traffic flow through your facility and place free-standing or wall-mounted racks where they are most likely to “intercept” visitors on their way to restrooms, snack areas, gift shops or other destinations within your center.    Consider using portable literature stands and countertop displays to “test” various locations and find the most effective placement.  If feasible, set up brochure holders with maps and key informational materials in at least one area that is accessible round-the-clock, year-round.  Where digital information kiosks are used, position brochure displays directly adjacent so that visitors will have easy access to printed information to take with them. 

2. A place for everything, everything in its place.  Especially in larger facilities with potentially hundreds of brochures to offer, organization is key.  Arrange literature by activity as opposed to geographic location, making it easier for visitors to find the information most meaningful to them.  Consider using free-standing literature racks, with a clearly established “theme” for each rack . . . i.e., one rack for outdoor attractions, one for shows, one for amusement parks, etc.  Set up a display specifically dedicated to time-sensitive events – festivals, fairs, seasonal programs – so that information is spotlighted when it is most relevant.  Create a low-cost or temporary digital information center using a floor stand holder with a tablet or iPad® .

3. Clutter is a killer.  The truth is, visitors are not likely to be attentive when it comes to leafing through brochures and returning them to their rightful place.  Be sure to have one or two staff members or volunteers assigned to keeping printed materials neat and organized.  You’ll also want to ensure that literature displays are kept clean and in good operating condition.  When your pride is evident in a well-kept facility, it will be much more welcoming to your visitors.

4. Supplement with signs.  Use strategically placed signage to help guide visitors to information they need.  Outdoor banners and sidewalk signs can easily be set up at center entrances each day so that visitors find their way to your door.  Sign holders with changeable graphics can be used to call attention to special events or highlighted attractions.  Indoor and outdoor bulletin boards are ideal for posting facility maps and “need to know” type of information.

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