Make Your Event a Winner with the Right Signage

When you’re planning a company outing, a fundraiser for your favorite charity, a community celebration, or a school festival, getting the word out about your special event is key to its success.   Today, we depend on digital communication for just about everything.  Social media, email blasts, and creating an event website are all critical means of getting information in front of the people you want to attend your event.

However, it’s equally important to use more traditional, tried-and-true methods to promote your special event.  Effective use of signs and banners can make all the difference in the success of your event.  From attracting attention beforehand to providing clear directional information at the event location, good signage helps ensure that your attendees have an enjoyable and positive event experience. Here are 5 important things to keep in mind when creating your event signage. 

1. Know your attendees.  First, spend some time thinking about the people most likely to attend and participate in your event.  Will they be young millennial professionals, families with young children, sports enthusiasts, empty-nesters or a totally diverse group?  Considering your target audience will help you design and place signage that appeals to their interests.

2. Location, location, location.  Consider your banners and signs from two perspectives: advance promotion and on site. 

Advance Promotion:  For those signs intended to promote and generate interest in your event, tour the area or community to decide where you can best place them so they’ll be seen by the attendees you want to attract.  If they’ll be placed indoors – like in a shopping mall, community center, or school building – consider using free-standing banner stands or retractable banner stands like you might see at a trade show.  These type of banner displays set up quickly and are easy to relocate if needed.  For outdoor signage, custom hanging banners suspended from posts, displayed on the side of a building, or even hung between trees are often a great, cost-effective solution.  While vinyl is one of the most common materials used for these types of signs, other materials such as meshpoly knit fabric and even aluminum fabric are available for different looks and applications.    Outdoor banner stands allow for flexibility of placement while providing the durability needed to withstand the elements.

On Site Signage:  Strategically placed banners at the venue entrance certainly let people know they’re in the right place . . . but don’t stop there.  Free-standing sign holders with easily changeable graphics are ideal choices for creating way-finding signs that help your attendees navigate your event with ease.   During the planning phase, walk the event floor or site as if you were an attendee and determine where signage can be most useful for directing people to parking, food and beverage stations, entertainment, sports fields or courts, and restroom facilities. 

3. Create a visual theme.  Decide upon an overall style that fits your event and the attendees you want to attract.  Does bright and contemporary best capture the “mood” of the event, or is traditional and subtle more appropriate?  Select two or three colors as the basis of your palette, keeping in mind that you want to maintain visibility and legibility of any lettering.  Choose one or two fonts that fit your theme, avoiding those that are overly ornate or detailed.  Decide on graphic elements that reinforce your theme and can be used repeatedly across all your signage and promotional materials.  This will help create a “brand image” for your event and reinforce the message each time a prospective attendee sees your signs and banners.

4. Clear, clean and simple. Signage that contains too many visual elements or too much information will confuse people and defeat your overall purpose.  A catchy headline or tagline can help spark interest, but keep it short and memorable.  Beyond that, focus on the “facts” – what, when and where.  Think of your signs and banners as if they were a billboard along the side of the highway . . . passersby have a very limited time in which to absorb the images and information that communicate your messages.

5. Showcase your sponsors.   If you’re hosting an event that depends on sponsor contributions, you want to be sure they feel appreciated for their participation in your event.  When several sponsors are involved, don’t feel that you need to list every sponsor on every sign or banner.  Major sponsors can be spotlighted across all your signage, while a large “thank you” banner at the event with the logos of all your sponsors may be appropriate.  Just be sure to ask each sponsor for a high-resolution image file of their logo so that you will get top quality reproduction.

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