6 Signage Ideas for Festivals, Flea Markets and Farmer’s Markets

Now that the weather has warmed up through most of the country, it seems every weekend is packed with festivals, flea markets and farmer’s markets.  Whether you are the organizer of one of these events or a vendor renting booth space, effective use of outdoor signage is key to getting your guests’ attention.

Last month, we offered some tips for getting prospective attendees to special events by using the right signage.  In this post, we’ll focus on different types of signage you can use at festival venues to make the experience enjoyable and rewarding for you and your guests or customers.  Here are 6 ideas for using signage effectively:

1. Point them in the right direction.  No matter how much time and money you invest in advance marketing for your festival or market event, on-site promotion is essential to get attendees through the gates and to vendors’ booths.  Use a combination of traditional hanging bannersoutdoor flags and sail banners to clearly guide guests to your venue and attract passers-by who may not have even known about your event.

2. Help them find their way.  Once they’ve parked their car, make it easy for guests to find their way on the festival grounds.  Strategically position custom printed banners, flags and sails or outdoor banner stands to guide attendees to the entrance, food, entertainment and vendor areas. 

3. Create interest and excitement.  Depending on the festival or market theme, signage can also be used to add the visual elements that make your event memorable.  Line walkways with sail signs with color blocks, geometric patterns, or theme-related graphics.  Suspend hanging banners vertically from poles, posts or even trees.   Use custom-printed table covers and runners (yes, like you see at trade shows) to supplement your signage while dressing up boring plastic tables.  For vendors selling products from a booth, these same techniques can help attract potential customers.

4. Change it up.  For festivals that span a few days, or flea and farmer’s markets that are held regularly throughout warm weather months, you may need some signage that makes it easy to change messages.    Take a tip from retail stores and consider using sidewalk signs with changeable letters or marker boards.

5. Quality counts. Avoid succumbing to the temptation to save money by settling for hand-lettered poster board or paper signs.  Even if you are a brilliant artist with killer calligraphy skills, paper and poster board will fade and deteriorate quickly when exposed to the elements.  Give your festival or market promotion the attention it deserves by investing in custom-printed signage designed specifically for outdoor use.  For recurring events, consider omitting date references on some (but certainly not all) signs and going with a premium banner material so that they’ll stand up to repeated use.

6. Keep it clean.   Particularly for regular events, like flea markets and farmer’s markets, signs and banners are likely to accumulate dirt, soot and even mildew over time.  Light cleaning with water and mild soap is usually all it takes to keep vinyl and fabric looking sharp.  If you’re going to place banners in storage for any amount of time, take a few minutes to clean them before rolling them up; consider using a paper slip sheet when rolling to protect printed surfaces.

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